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About us

Ninghua Xinyuan wooden products Co.,Ltd established on 2001 year,located in Hucun industrial Zone of Ninghua country Sanming City of Fujian province,China.This area belongs to the forest cover area of Fujian.

We have 17,500 square meter ,of which the workshop area is 8000 square meter.

Is a wooden horticultural products and wooden pet cage research&development ,production and sales enterprises.The main materials are Fujian fir and imported pine and spruce according to customer requirements.

Currently products are mainly sold in the US,Japan,Germany and UK market.Since the company was founded 17 years ago,through continuous equipment updates and improvements,it has grown into a mature wood product factory.The company takes the customer first,the quality first,the good faith management as tenet.

Factory strengths

Ninghua Xinyuan wooden products Co.,Ltd is a forestry based company,we have our own forest farm with more than 20,000 acres of Fujian fir forest.Self-owned funds and forest assets amounted to $13 million.


Contact: Mr Li

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Email: pddwang@xinyuanwooden.cn

Add: Hucun Country Industrial Zone,Ninghua,Fujian,China